For the next few years, though, with MJ’s guidance, I would expect the team to do better. Jordan has a tremendous amount of energy and interest in the game and I hope that can translate to the operations side of the game. It’s either going to be a terrific move for the Wizards or a terrible one for Jordan if his skills don’t transfer well to the business of basketball..

Apenas 28 aos tiene KD y no puede dejar de pensar en su primer entrenador en el Amateur Athletic Union, Big Chuck, a quien tomó como su padre, ya que Wayne Pratt, su papá biológico, con problemas con las drogas lo abandonó cuando era muy pequeo. Sufrió cuando Big Chuck, en 2003, murió en un tiroteo, pero hoy siente que de alguna manera está ahí con él, disfrutando de ese tesoro. Incluso, el 35 en el dorsal de Durant es en homenaje a Big Chuck, porque falleció a los 35 aos.

JACOBS It took place during a royal wedding, with the bride, Amanda Carrington, played by real life royalty, Catherine Oxenberg. Somehow the “Dy” in “Dynasty” was all bound up in my head with Princess Diana, and her own royal wedding to Prince Charles (never mind that the English pronounced it “Din asty”). Obviously this was a time of conservatism and convention and backlash to the progressivism of the ’60s and ’70s..

El término “defensa” aparece por vez primera en el ao 1894, en el estudio de FREUD sobre Las neuropsicosis de defensa y lo emplea en éste y en otros de sus trabajos ulteriores para describir las luchas del yo contra ideas y afectos dolorosos e insoportables. Más tarde el término es abandonado y en lo sucesivo sustituido por el de “represión”. Sólo en un apéndice complementario a Inhibición, síntoma y angustia (1926), FREUD retorna al viejo concepto de defensa.

Philadelphia, PAnnDuring an Open Access Philly meeting last year, open source software developer, “civic hacker” and Code for America fellow John Mertens volunteered to explore the data feeds in the new Open Data Philly data catalog and build an app to encourage participation in a planned hackathon.nnMertens found a feed from Mural Farm, an interactive database of thousands of community murals produced by the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. He joined forces with another Code for America fellow, Aaron Ogle, to build a mobile website that helps citizens locate and learn more about murals around them. Mertens says that after the Philly Art Mapper was launched and supported by the Office of the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, other CFA fellows walked into other publicartdepartments in Boston, San Francisco, Norfolk, and Seattle and began working with more public art data.nnThe Art Mapper app allows users to find public art through a mobile, map based interface.

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