No digamos ya a Sopranos, The Wire, etc. El nivel de nuestros actores y guionistas es lamentable en general, el de los productores aún más penoso. Tampoco se ha escrito nada parecido a El Poder del Perro en este país, y eso que materia prima no nos falta.

Leo MARCA todos los días y cuando llego a la sección de NBA, cambio de periódico. Y alguna vez que todavía me dejo caer por aquí, me encuentro esto. Yo para algo de nba actual casi siempre en ESPN, y aqui me meto para comentar y discutir con la gente, los articulos de los “periodistas” estos no valen ni el salario minimo, y en las demas secciones igual, en futbol solo dicen lo que mas vende aunque tengan que mentir tres veces sobre lo mismo, y en lo que no vende pues ya lo ves, en boxeo van de periodico especializado en Espaa y hay cada articulito que.

Today Goldman is trying to change not only that public image, but also some of the central tenets of its culture, like the secrecy and reliance on back room dealings. The company’s chief executive, Lloyd C. Blankfein, has said he wants Goldman to be thought of as a tech company putting it in direct competition for talent with the Googles and Facebooks of the world.

Ahora Las Bistecs vuelven con bien que también tiene estrofas que se meten en el cerebro machaconamente. “Es como comerte un pastel muy dulce que te da una digestión muy pesada. Encarni Viva y Deborah Montaas son ricas muy pobres. On day five, reporter Emily Price stopped by Canon to see their new cameras and checked out some Samsung UHD TVs with Lifestyle editor Andrea Smith, who finished third in the overall competition. Andrea hit a personal best on day five, reaching a total of 6.5 miles total. Towards the end of day five, Emily was disturbed by the tableau of “booth babes” in one product’s display.

Still, what the plot lacks in originality, it makes up for in the sheer optimism of its dancing. The Step Up series brought dance battling into the milquetoast American mainstream. And while the battles were stripped of the rawness you might see in, you know, an actual dance battle, they were skillful and sexy.

“The Washington Huskies weren’t breaking new ground here.” “Here” is a college football program that sacrifices its players’ long term well being and its community’s dignity for the sake of winning; that looks the other way when stars are accused of violent crimes; that skirts ethics off the field while pursuing perfection on it. Which sounds bad, but in a boring way. What the investigative reporter Ken Armstrong and the higher education correspondent Nick Perry have done, first in an award winning Seattle Times series and now in “Scoreboard, Baby,” is lay out in hard boiled style and with the verve only real storytelling can supply exactly whose lives were mangled in the course of the University of Washington’s historic 2000 season.

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