On the iPhone, Reeder is a solid mobile client that syncs with Google Reader. Newsstand is another iPhone client that does so, along with the ability to easily export or send stories to a number of external sources like email, Twitter, delicious and more. There’s also a special iPhone formatted version of Google Reader you can simply use in the Safari mobile browser that works quite well..

Mara essentially opened the window and yelled for all potential suitors to submit their best offer. Get ready. At least a few will come, maybe even this week when all the owners and general managers are in one place at the meetings in Orlando, Florida..

Alex Morgan of the United States, above, kicking the ball past Megan Campbell of Ireland in a women’s international friendly soccer game on Jan. Soccer sued the union representing the world champion United States women’s national team in federal court Wednesday, a sudden escalation of a simmering labor fight over the team’s collective bargaining agreement. Soccer, the national governing body for the sport, is seeking to have a court rule that the terms of the agreement which expired in 2012 but has continued to be the guiding document over the relationship between the federation and star players like Hope Solo and Alex Morgan remain valid.

He found that the treatment of workers by the factory managers in Vietnam (usually Korean or Taiwanese nationals) is a ”constant source of humiliation,” that verbal abuse and sexual harassment occur frequently, and that ”corporal punishment is often used.” He found that extreme amounts of forced overtime are imposed on Vietnamese workers. ”It is a common occurrence,” Mr. Nguyen wrote in his report, ”to have several workers faint from exhaustion, heat and poor nutrition during their shifts.

22Y los que piensan que una maniobra izquierdista o sindical, que se pregunten en qué empresa trabajan, si es tan rentable como la Coca Cola. Y luego piense si se siente tan seguro en su puesto de trabajo. Solidaridad con la gente que se queda en la calle por la avaricia empresarial y por gobiernos que se lo permiten 12Coca Cola no tiene nada que ver con el ERE.

We change all the time. I’m always looking for a better way. And when you get new people, you get new ideas, and that’s a good thing. Team in Philadelphia and was coveted by the New Jersey Playaz, a rival squad. But he agreed to join Team Scan, in part, after Williams promised Battle’s father, Gary, that his son, a natural shooting guard, would start at the point. Putting Battle at the position wasn’t necessarily best for the team, which already had several point guards, but it would make him more desirable in the eyes of college coaches and professional scouts.

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