MyLikes gives anybody with an online social network the opportunity to sell advertising. Users sign up to give personal endorsements for specific products, which are posted on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Every time a friend clicks on an endorsed advertisement, MyLikes either pays the poster or donates to her selected charity..

“Tenemos socios con quienes trabajamos, obviamente el más visible que tenemos es Apple. Hemos estado trabajando con ellos por mucho tiempo y estamos emocionados hacia dónde esa relación irá en adelante”, sealó el directivo. Consultado si esto suponía alguna colaboración con Apple en un nuevo aparato, Parker esquivó la consulta, pero confirmó que el nexo con Apple sigue “y personalmente, así como todos en Nike, estoy muy emocionado con lo que vendrá”..

Empezó a jugar a en la pista de fútbol sala de Fuentealbilla antes de enrolarse en las categorías inferiores del Albacete Balompié. A los 12 aos destacó en un torneo alevín en Brunete y fue fichado por el FC Barcelona en una decisión en la que intervinieron Oriol Tort, Joan Martínez Vilaseca y Albert Benaiges. Ingresó en La Masia el 17 de septiembre de 1996 convirtiéndose pronto en un jugador de referencia..

The startup, which boasts 1.65 million members to date, has acquired 350,000 members in the last 30 days alone, Goldberg says.When asked if she had any major lessons to impart about her first startup experience, Weng spoke of FashionStake’s need to test first, invest later. “You need to feel there’s some sort of traction or resonance with a customer before building out [a product or feature],” she said. “The last two years we have tried to learn and adjust as quickly as we could, and that’s something we’ve been very proud of.”In her new role, Weng added that she was looking forward to moving away from infrastructure development toward business development.

As our economy changes, entrepreneurial women are emerging as leaders of industry, bringing significant, fresh ideas to the marketplace. American Express OPEN wants to tell you their stories, reveal their challenges and inspire you with their successes. OPEN wants to help you understand how exciting their achievements are, and as part of a continuing effort to understand womens’ impact, OPEN commissioned its second annual study, The State of Women Owned Businesses [PDF]..

When most businesses begin a social media campaign, they tend to focus on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. They usually forget to incorporate their own site and tie their social profiles together. Our second big win, is the creation of a blog or social hub.

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