El lunes, sin ir más lejos, los informativos de las dos principales cadenas de televisión colombianas, Caracol y RCN, abrían sus informativos generalistas con la noticia de que el gol de James a Uruguay había sido elegido como el mejor del Mundial y lo unían a su inminente presentación con el Madrid. Es la figura pública más importante del país por encima de cualquier político, actor, actriz o cantante. Nada iguala el tirón de James Rodríguez hoy en Colombia, y su nuevo contrato con el Madrid que contemplará, como todos, la cesión del 60% de sus derechos de imagen al club , es otra buena noticia para los dirigentes blancos..

Tab views (bottom of Users): This measure allows Bill to see how active users are engaging with his Facebook Page. If he’s spending a lot of time writing in the discussions tab but none of his visitors are viewing this tab, Bill should probably spend his limited time doing something else. Conversely, if one of his tabs is particularly popular, he should use it to engage his followers.

Even Steve Wozniak, the cofounder of Apple, which had gone public more than two decades earlier, could be heard pouring cold water on the IPO. “I’m not buying,” Wozniak said in one interview. Google now generates more than $50 billion a year in revenue and it now has a market cap of about $400 billion, making it one of the most valuable public companies in the world..

That framework has been uprooted by the digital media revolution. Back in the days when desktop was the only game in town, marketers never figured out the equivalent of the 30 second TV ad. Banner ads were small, but no one clicked them. For instance, when a woman kvetched on Twitter about her husband’s refusal to use his hearing aid, the team sent her a megaphone. The woman later posted a TwitPic of herself speaking to her hubby with the device.nn5. Ben Jerry’s FairTweets nnTo highlight the importance of World Fair Trade Day, Ben Jerry’s launched an innovative campaign last May that used your “leftover Twitter characters.”” To achieve this

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