“Earl and Tiger” reached 6.3 million views in its first week and “Write the Future” achieved 7.8 million. The fact that “Write the Future” beat “Earl and Tiger” is even more impressive considering the fact that the latter hit the web amidst the Tiger Woods scandal. The current count for this new video on YouTube is 9.4 million..

Basis has two versions, the B1 for $179 (which I tested) and the Carbon Steel, $199, both available on the company’s website. Colorful watch bands are sold separately, and perhaps not a bad investment (when I was home for Christmas, my dad commented, “I was surprised to see you wearing something so masculine”). Basis has an iOS and Android app, as well as a web app and desktop apps to view your data..

Los primeros 6 kilómetros me dejan unas muy buenas sensaciones. Sin mirar el crono, centrándome únicamente en la técnica de carrera, han salido a una media de 4:25/km. Lo cual está bastante bien para ser un entrenamiento “no a cuchillo”. A related, extremely useful feature: when you need a power nap (a 25 minute quick sleep, whose refreshing qualities have been well documented in studies), the band doesn’t start counting until it sees that you’re actually asleep. So you actually get 25 minutes, after which the band vibrates to rouse you. That’s something the average pedometer doesn’t do..

Valencia Basket nojugó a agotar la que parecía iba a ser la última posesión del partido. PauRibas, uno de los mejores sobre la pista, se jugó un tiro quevalía un tesoro. L no falló y anotó a 9 segundos del final. The key to the success of any marketing campaign is to make it easy for the consumer to react, but the tools of engagement for mobile are different than the web. The most obvious but often ignored advertiser action is the phone itself. By offering easy click to call actions, we have seen +5% conversion results for advertisers.

La temperatura media oscila entre 2,8 C en invierno y 8,3 C en verano. La humedad es muy alta, ya que se producen precipitaciones unos 250 días al ao. Noviembre es el mes más seco. Most of our purchasing decisions take place in private and are more dependent on our impulses than our values. No one’s going to notice if I keep using FedEx after direct messaging the company that I won’t anymore. I, like everyone else in 2012, “boycotted” Chick fil A over its anti gay donations, even though it doesn’t operate anywhere near me and I haven’t eaten fast food in a decade..

Quién contará ahora Andalucía? Lástima lo que se pierde por culpa de tanta miopía, porque aquí durante estos aos se ha escrito buena parte del relato de Espaa. De la misma forma que ocurrió en distintos momentos de su historia, desde la Bética hasta el esplendor del sur de Al Andalus o luego en el Siglo de Oro cuando a Andalucía llegaban las riquezas y los prodigios del Nuevo Mundo como capital económica del imperio. Cuando Madrid era apenas un villorrio..

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